Automatic Separation Valve Type:TOO

ECO valve model TOO is a specific gravity sensitive valve,

for automatic draining of a heavier liquid from a lighter liquid.

Commonly used for the draining of water 

accumulated in the bottom of petroleum product storage tanks 
where the stored medium has a lower specific gravity

than that of the accumulated water.

When all accumulated water has drained from the storage tank

the presence of stored product will be sensed by the TOO valve

and it will automatically and promptly shut off.

When fitted with the optional factory limit switch,

a signal can be sent to a remote valve position monitoring system,

signaling that the valve is closed.


ECO-VALVE bottom drain valve type TOO - demonstration


Basic Installation instructions:

  • In a vertical position
    (to be performed using a level measuring device
    to ensure accuracy)

  • At the lowest available point of the tank

  • Firmly positioned and held securely

  • As close to the storage tank as possible

Ensure that the size of the manual drain valve between the storage tank
and the Separation Valve is at least as large as the inlet flange of the Separation Valve.

If a pipe is to be connected to the outlet of the Separation Valve,

make sure it is as short, straight and horizontal  as possible.

This will allow undisturbed drainage

and will prevent the development of undesirable suction.

In cases where a downward slope is unavoidable,

allow for an air gap (vacuum  breaker) in the drainage pipeline.

Make sure that the TOO valve and ancillary parts are thoroughly secured.

780 mm x 580 mm x  510 mm x 435 mm

30.1 in x 22.8 in x 20 in x 19 in

ECO-VALVES roof drain valve type TOR

 Roof Drain Valve  

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