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Removing water from hydrocarbon products in storage tanks

has been a constant problem in the oil industry

- a problem still largely solved by nothing more advanced than

an operator opening the drain valve and closing it

when he sees the appearance of oil.

The presence of water in tanks and manual draining

cause the following problems:

  • Product volumetric and mass-measurement errors

  • Product degradation caused by bacterial growth

  • Corrosion of tank-bottom elements

  • Manpower involvement

  • Oil loss

  • Pollution

Not only is this operation incongruous in today's industrial

setting, but it is also wasteful, potentially hazardous and can

be environmentally damaging.

Clearly a better solution is long overdue.

ECO-VALVES The need for separation valve TOO



ECO Valves type TOO Automatic Valve (EAV)

is a patented high-tech product that can

decant water from petroleum products automatically.


The TOO valve can also be used as liquid separator

for liquid that has two distinct phases.

Therefore, its applications are not only limited to separate water from oil

but can separate a wide variety of liquid products.

The TOO handles oil products with a specific gravity from  0.6 to  0.95,

such as Kerosene, Gasoline, Diesel Oil, Jet Fuel, Naphtha etc.


TOO  EAV does not need any electrical power supply for its operation.

This feature is very important in a potentially explosive environment area that is highly sensitive to electrical equipment.

TOO is designed to be installed on Closed Roof and Floating Roof Tanks.


The TOO Automatic Valve will provide you with a reliable solution to prevent product spills and protect the environment. 

ECO-VALVES.COM The ECO valve model TOO is a specific gravity sensitive valve,  for automatic draining of a heavier liquid from a lighter liquid.
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